The Great Gatsby

The Good, The Bad, and The Gatsby.

The first character from "The Great Gatsby" is James Gatz, or commenly known as Jay Gatsby. At 16 Jay left his family in the pursuit of a better life. He got that chance when he saved Dan Cody. He then donned the name of Jay Gatsby, and got some of his money from when Dan Cody. He then became a bootlegger, and after getting rich, bought a mantion right across the bay from Daisy. He threw parties everyday hoping for her to find him, but whe never did. With Nick's help, he met Daisy, and almost ran away with her. This might have happened, but at near the end of the novel it did not seem likly. At the end of the novel, Gatsby was shot and killed.

The second character from "The Great Gatsby" is Nick Carraway. This is the main character of the book, as the novel is written in the style that Nick is writing down his memories. Nick starts out looking to influence the stocks, and becomes the neighboor with the mysterious Gatsby. Gatsby invites Nick to one of his parties, which start's Nick and Gatsby's friendly relationship. Nick tries to help Gatsby with Daisy, and actually arranges their first meeing at Gatsby's request. Nick was loyal to Gatsby to the end, and even stated that Gatsby was the only person he didn't hate at the end of the Novel.

The third main character is Daisy Buchanan. Daisy is Gatsby's main love intrest, ever scene he saw her at Camp Taylor in 1917. She came to love his persona, and wrote to him until she gave up and married Tom. She is also Nick's cousin, and she is the cause of the famous quote, "Her voice is full of money."

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